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Global neighbourhood guide #1

Cities have rhythm.

Each one has a unique soundscape, influenced by a different mix of things like traffic, music, nature and even accents and language spoken. Plus, cities also have different average walking speeds (we like to think of footsteps as a place's heartbeat).

These macro observations are evidence of something we all experience intuitively...

~ a vibe ~

Zoom in even further into the suburbs, boroughs, neighbourhoods of a place and you get even more nuance.

The places people gather are what really shape a neighbourhood's particular tone or tempo. The great bars, cafes, restaurants and venues that help define and reflect the culture and history of a place.

On this note (or beat), welcome to the first of many global neighbourhood guides to come from us.

All in praise of the places that make the nooks and crannies of our world wonderful.

At Nami Nori's second location in NYC, they serve their signature open-style temaki hand rolls in an even more light filled, roomy location. Open space, open sushi, open hearted vibes.

It's true though, the whole ethos behind the cult-fave was to bring high quality sushi to people at a more affordable price point. You can wash it all down with one of our premium sodas too. 

The slick decor, delicious faire and non-pretentious approach are a great match for Williamsburg. The Brooklyn neighbourhood is often dubbed things like "hip" and "trendy", which is travel guide speak for a spot where there's artists, creative types and more good times than picket fences. 

Ah, Soho. London's Bermuda square of history, debauchery, swank and merriment. Narrow alleys and grand buildings rub shoulders, as people from all walks of life enjoy the revelry on offer. That is, bars, theatres, cafes, restaurants and pubs packed in like sardines.  

Enter Quo Vadis, whose art deco stained-glass windows make you feel like you're in a slice of old Soho.

Founded in the 1920s and still going strong, eating and drinking here feels refined but never fussy, with thanks to chef Jeremy Lee. Enjoy great seasonal British food, and ensure you order a cocktail that combines Cornish Pastis with our cucumber soda to great, unexpected effect. 

Noble Wine Bar is located in historic, postcard come to life Art Nouveau district of Riga in Latvia.

Simplicity, low-intervention and taste are the guiding principles for both the wine and food menu here. Craft beers and unique spirits are also available, all served in a laid back but elevated atmosphere by passionate, knowledgeable staff. 

The bar also has an adjoining boutique wine shop, where we were both delighted and baffled to discover our drinks had landed on the menu.

We're not quite sure how they came to be in Latvia, but we couldn't think of a better home away from. 

Haarlem is small city in the Netherlands, with all the chill vibes to go with it, but a rich history and beautiful architecture to boot.

Plus, plenty of culture in the form of cafes, restaurants, bars, theatres and museums and only 20mins from Amsterdam. 

Amongst all this you'll find one of our favourite multi-use spaces going, Westhoff. A co-working space, cafe and store rolled into one, they've curated a calm and cosy atmosphere and an excellent menu (in both cafe and store). Consciously selected goods and beautiful books line each wall here and the coffee is some of the best the city has to offer.


Kreuzberg is iconic. The poster child for cool neighbourhoods, it's multi-cultural, student dense and brimming with street art, coffee spots and bars. 

The thing that really strikes you about this neck of the German capital is: it doesn't feel too polished or like it's trying too hard. Its coolness is inherit, not surface.

And so it is with Record Berlin. A magazine/record store you need an appointment to nose around. Minimal and quirky, not two words you often see alongside one another, but that's just how they roll.

Just like the magazine of its namesake, the shop is all about celebrating niche music and its intersection with art, culture and fashion. Plus, you can sip yours truly as you flip through vinyl.

Nothing not to like. 

If you have any neighbourhood recommendations where S&N is stocked (or you'd like to be stocked!)… please let us know.

If you'd like to discuss getting our cans on the shelf at your cafe/restaurant/bar/in the office fridge, email us.

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