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Something & Nothing
Pineapple & Pink Grapefruit  Premium Soda 12x12 fl oz

Pineapple & Pink Grapefruit Premium Soda 12x12 fl oz

12 pack | $3.16 USD/ 330ml can

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The newest Something & Nothing Premium Soda on the block packs an almighty flavor punch. With its juicy sweet but tart pineapple and a bright twist of pink grapefruit, one sip of this and you’ll be metaphorically swinging in a hammock under a palm tree. 

Fun fact: Pineapple and pink grapefruit were part of a celebratory blend enjoyed by Buzz Aldrin after his lunar adventures back in the space craft. Chosen for the bold flavors to counteract the dulled taste buds in space. Inspired by this cosmic combination, we've created a soda that delivers an earthbound explosion of tropical goodness.

Tastes like: Lounging in dappled palm tree light

Great with: Seafood, grilled meats, light salads. This soda’s bright and bold flavors also make it an excellent mixer – elevating tequila, rum or vodka.

Just like every Something & Nothing creation, this Pineapple + Pink Grapefruit soda is crafted with the highest quality natural ingredients with no added sugars or sweeteners. Instead, we use grape juice and lemon juice to give balance and a full flavor. Our Premium Sodas are naturally low in calories - under 45 calories per 12oz can (350ml).

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Ingredients : Pineapple & Pink Grapefruit Soda
Grape Juice Concentrate, Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Natural Pineapple Flavoring, Natural Grapefruit Flavoring, Natural Pink Grapefruit Flavoring
41 calories per can. Each can is 12oz (350ml).

Nutritional Information  (per 100ml)
Energy ........................ 49kj / 12kcal
Fat .............................. 0.1g
Carbohydrates ............. 2.7g
of which are sugars ....... 2.5g
Protein ......................... 0.1g
Salt .............................. 0.01g

Made from natural ingredients, low calorie, vegan.

Our cans are made from infinitely recyclable aluminium and are packed in cardboard.

$37.95 USD

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