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Global neighbourhood guide #3

It's the small nuances and differences, layered, that stack up to the unique experience we call a neighbourhood.

Accents and strange spices on the breeze. Unusual architectural flairs. An unfamiliar sound emitting from the pedestrian lights. A mind-blowing, delicious dish you've never tried before.

Welcome again to our attempt to pay homage to the joys of neighbourly nuance, our Global Neighbourhood Guide #3.

An exploration of the best "locals" (cafes, bars, restaurants and venues) around the world. All these wonderful spots below stock our drinks, an alignment of shared values across streets and oceans.

Good taste, worldwide

After opening their first NYC spot in West Village back in 2019, Brooklyn also said bonjour to Café Kitsuné midway through 2022. For those not in the know, Café Kitsuné is a series of global cafes from taste-making Paris-based fashion and music concept Maison Kitsuné.

Located in the young brownstone neighbourhood of Boerum Hill, this particular spot also features a Galerie Kitsuné for art exhibitions, and a hidden cocktail bar for late night tipples.

A truly international affair, Café Kitsuné has over 20+ locations across the world, in spots like Tokyo’s Aoyama district and Paris’ gardens of the Palais Royal. This Brooklyn spot offers a very Brooklyn experience, with its classic historic brick, natural lime and a tree-lined outlook.

Kitsuné means fox in Japanese, so there's a Japanese sensibility baked into the brand the world over. This come across in the minimal, natural and airy decor and the Japanese-French fusion menu. In fact, our Yuzu Soda goes down a treat with a cold brew and a freshly baked pastry or two.

If you're into grapevine eavesdropping, you might already have heard of Locals & Nomads in Lisbon

This wine shop / small wine bar serves the best hand picked natural wines from the world over, alongside seasonal small plates and other curated non-wine sips (including, us, naturally). 

They uncork bottles from their bold-mural dressed hole-in-the-wall in the heart of the charming Graça neighborhood. Here, you'll be greeted by their passionate, friendly and knowledgeable nomads-turned-locals staff who run this excellent spot. 

The neighbourhood is not only one of the highest vantage points in Lisbon, it's also known to be one of it's trendiest. The perfect spot for this true gem of a local. 


In the heart of Hudson, in up state New York, Kitty's Restaurant and Market Café is very much a local favourite. And a tourist favourite. And a favourite of ours too. 

Known for serving up a delectable, eclectic menu and top-notch cocktails, Kitty’s is all about keeping you refreshed and refuelled throughout the day. As owner Ben Fain said, “[I wanted] a good cup of coffee and some train snacks on my way to the city, and…a few martinis and a nice dinner when I got back.”

True to his word, by day Kitty's serves as a market café, offering a variety of items from breakfast sandwiches to pastries. As evening strolls in, the venue transforms into a vibey restaurant, featuring succinct yet flavourful dinner options and signature big plates like chkmeruli, a traditional Georgian dish.


Corners are said to be highly auspicious, according to Feng Shui types. Something about the chi energy that collects there. We tend to agree that there's something about a great corner locale.

It's no different for our favourite new haunt in Athens, Greece... Mellem. Newly set-up, its a real boon for locals in the Kypseli neighborhood.

Considered one of the most culturally and architecturally diverse neighbourhoods in Athens, it's the perfect nook for this excellent spot. 

Simple but high quality is the name of the game here when it comes to coffee, the food and the decor. Restrained, stylish and relaxed. We're stoked to be stocked in such a great off-the-beaten track spot. 


Supremely excellent specialty coffee roaster and retailer Blue Bottle have many excellent locations across the USA and Japan.  

But their outpost at Wolf Point, Chicago is exceptionally inviting. 

Not only does it overlook the Chicago River, it's also the largest of their cafes with plenty of corners for cosy, chill coffee/soda sipping/chatting.

A hub for the local community, it also houses a brew lounge, where coffee classes/art exhibitions and other cool happenings are hosted. 

A great spot for Windy City locals and visitors alike. 


After a decade of celebrating independent businesses and their inspiring stories, the fine folks at Courier media decided to embark on their own retail journey with the recent launch of Courier Coffee. 

Nestled in the heart of East London, on Hackney Road, right next to their HQ, coffee and excellent pastries aren't the only thing on the menu.

True to their discerning, curatorial form, they've gathered all their favourite independent food and drinks brands to line the shelves and fridges (where you'll find yours truly).

A must visit when stalking this vibrant stretch of London town. 

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